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Your medicine is the unique presence and purpose you bring to the world. It offers each of us the power to heal, nurture well-being, and embrace courageous wholeness. The transformational work of embodying that medicine is a challenging, often surprising, and amazing adventure of tapping into deep compassion, fierce love, and radical acceptance of yours and others authentic selves. A journey I invite you to take and am honored to support.

I offer a unique and holistic approach to transformational healing and growth through a weaving of shamanism, psychotherapy, and coaching. My relationship with my clients is direct, compassionate and intuitive. In a receptive, caring environment, drop into your bodies innate wisdom, the felt expression of your humanness, and the wisdom of spirit. Internally anchor and strengthen your sense of self while also deepening your connection to loved ones, the world and spirit, allowing for a greater manifestation and expression of your authentic soul.

Medicine Dance Counseling serves the Puget Sound region with offices in Renton and Lynnwood, WA. Weaving the healing and transformational power of shamanism with evidence-based psychotherapeutic practices. I bring integrity, compassion, and intuition to this work. Together, we explore systemic patterns that maintain the issues troubling you. Understanding your part in those patterns and how they have served you provides the opportunity to see a path forward for change, embrace your power, and move toward a healthy interdependent dance in your relationships. With caring and acceptance we drop into the felt expression of your humanness, internally anchoring and strengthening your sense of self, allowing for a greater manifestation of your beautiful, authentic soul in the world.

I specialize in work with couples - poly friendly; sexual assault, domestic violence, trauma recovery; traumatic brain injury; emotional regulation and resilience – anger, anxiety, depression; LGBTQ and sexuality issues - kink friendly; chronic and terminal illness; spiritual crisis; death and dying/grief and loss; personal growth, self-awareness, fulfillment.

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